Rev. Dr. James A. Forbes, Jr.  
Former Senior Minister at The Riverside Church  
He is now the Founder and President of
The Healing of the Nations Foundation 

His website is:                  

God Bless  

Miss Elle - It all started, the music, the work I am in now, all started with God and with Miss Elle at her supper club
We were destined to meet - through the grace of God, and I thank God for her 
David Coss at The Garage

Love you.

I'm deeply thankful to God and Dave Coss and Management at the Garage for booking the artists that I have at The Garage

You can catch Dave Coss performing every Sunday at the Garage starting at 7:00 p.m.  See Dave Coss and the Daniel Mixon Trio on this website.

Dave Coss
At his 10th Anniversary Celebration at The Garage
May 6, 2007
Daniel Mixon
At Dave Coss 10th Anniversary Celebration at The Garage
May 6, 2007
To hear Danny Mixon, go to the Daniel A Mixon page
(Left to Right) Patience Higgins, Austin Walker, Roland Guerrero, Bryce Sebastian, Daniel A Mixon and Dave Coss
Hillary Clinton
Barack Obama at the Cashman Center in Las Vegas, Sept 17, giving a dynamic campaign speech, energizing almost 15,000 people from every race and age
These are some of the close to 15,000 people that turned out and felt his speech went straight to their hearts. I can safely say that they left with faith and trust by hearing Obama speak
You can see how the people were energized at the Cashman Center in Las Vegas after Obama's speech and Obama greeting some of the people

Delores truly wanted to be there, but due to unexpected circumstances, she could not attend, but was excited to hear of the response that he got from the people here in Las Vegas
God Bless
State Senator Steven Horsford
Congressman John Lewis and
Congresswoman Shelley Berkley
at Unite for Change Rally
North Las Vegas, Nevada
July 27, 2008
Congresswoman Shelley Berkley
and Delores
at Unite for Change Rally
North Las Vegas, Nevada
July 27, 2008
Daniel Mixon
At Dave Coss 10th Anniversary Celebration at The Garage
May 6, 2007
To hear Danny Mixon, go to the Daniel A Mixon page
Roland Guerrero, Daniel A Mixon and Bryce Sebastian
Daniel A. Mixon
Daniel Mixon Trio
To see and hear Danny Mixon, go to the Daniel A Mixon page
Elliott Spitzer
"Let him who is without sin cast the first stone"
David Landsman

Roseanna Vitro

Walter Swett

Mercedes Ellington - Choreographer

Victor Goines

Victor Goines

Victor Goines

Andrea Norah Wright, Jazz singer and actress

Andrea Norah Wright, singer and actress in "Annie Get Your Gun"

Andrea Norah Wright, Jazz singer and actress and Marion Cowins, actor and singer

Sue Mingus

Dizzy's Coca Cola Stage

Rev Dr Jim Forbes and Gloria Lynne

Mrs Bettye Forbes and Gloria Lynne

Gloria Lynne

Rev Forbes, Delores, Mrs Forbes and Gloria Lynne

Victor Goines

Jamie Cosnowsky - Marketing Director
First Jazz Improv Festival
held at The New Yorker in October '07

Dr Billy Taylor at his booth
at the Jazz Improv Festival
held at The New Yorker in October '07

Eric Muhler (Jazz Pianist) at Delores' booth 108
at the Jazz Improv Festival
held at The New Yorker in October '07

Bob Cranshaw (Jazz Bass Player)
at the Jazz Improv Festival
held at The New Yorker in October '07

Dotti Anita Taylor
at the booth of the Jazz Museum in Harlem
at the Jazz Improv Festival
held at The New Yorker in October '07

Eustacia Foster
Volunteer, also a Jazz Singer
standing in front of the booth of Delores Music Mgmt
at the Jazz Improv Festival
held at The New Yorker in October '07

Frank Catalano
Jazz Saxophonist
standing in front of the booth of Delores Music Mgmt
at the Jazz Improv Festival
held at The New Yorker in October '07

Delores Music Management
thanks God and Jamie Cosnowsky and the staff of the Jazz Improv Magazine and all of the volunteers that helped make this a successful event
God bless

Welcome to our Jazz and Gospel Artist Website!
Here you will find outstanding Musicians and Singers!
Browse through and contact us to book them.

She participated in the Oprah/Walk on May 9th, 2010. 

Delores' latest endeavor is:
Delores is now a member of ASCAP as a creator of music and songwriter and now has her own publishing company, Lines and Spaces Publishing. Her songs are listed right after this paragraph. And there will be many more to come. All songs are listed with ASCAP.

(Music and Lyrics): Delores Ashford Pownall
Arranger: Steven Newcomb
Pianist: Steven Newcomb
Bass: Thomas Morgan
Drums: Ben VanderWal

You Make Me Shine
Is dedicated to God, because He inspired all of these songs. I am just the messenger. He truly makes me shine.

"You Make Me Shine"

You Were the Man
This song is dedicated to the late, great Miles Davis
in tribute to the man and his music.
As a young girl I had a crush on him.
I only had one chance to see him in person when I was young,
but he will always live in my memory.

"You Were the Man"

He's My Drip
Inspired by my allergy doctor, Arthur Lubitz.
He made a comment about my allergies. He said:
"I don't know whether the drip is in the front or the back."
That inspired this song.

"He's My Drip"

Forget About Tonight
Speaks for itself. Listen to it well and just remember tomorrow is a bright, new day. Anything can happen.

"Forget About Tonight" 

The Love affair Is Over
We all have to know when to let go

"The Love Affair Is Over"

Leave Me Alone
One phrase describes this song. Wake up!

"Leave Me Alone"

Yesterday Becomes Our Tomorrows
is dedicated to my late mother, Louise, my late brother, Frank,
Gary Spero and to everyone who has suffered losses, in one way or another.
There is always daylight and hope.

"Yesterday Becomes Our Tomorrows"

It's a Strange Land
We're living in strange and changing times

"It's a Strange Land"

Delores Music Mgmt had a booth (#108) at the JazzImprov Convention & Festival

October 26th, 2007 to the 27th, 2007 the New Yorker Hotel

481 Eighth Avenue (at 34th Street)

Delores A Pownall is originally from Chicago. She began taking private classical vocal instruction at Roosevelt University from Professor Scanlon. She later went on to the Fine Arts School near the end before its closing and continued at the American Conservatory with private classical vocal instruction. Her intention was to be a cabaret singer. She sang at Andy's in Chicago and at the Chicago Summer Concert Festival at the Civic Center in Chicago.

She moved to New York and began working with Carlo Monati, an outstanding classical vocal teacher who felt that she should pursue a classical career because she had a natural classical legit voice. She studied with Carlo Monati for two years and decided that she did not want to sing classical even though she liked it. She felt that she was being forced into something that she did not want. So she started to work with Jerry King and Lynn Starling, a vocal and acting teacher. She did the Band Shell in Central Park and then she had her first night club gig at Jan Wallman's club in the Village. She also sang at the Needham Pub in New York. She moved back to Chicago where she began vocal lessons with Marc Innis. Since she had gone to a finishing school for modeling, she began to pursue that, which led her into films and print work. She moved back to New York in 1998.

She began taking vocal classes from the late Ann Tell. By this time she knew that cabaret was not for her any more. She had grown up listening to Jazz and it was probably there all along, she had not realized it. Her favorite singers were Sarah Vaughn and Ella FitzGerald. She felt her voice was more like Sarah's. She did a concert at CAMI Hall called "An Afternoon of Jazz Vocals" (across from Carnegie Hall) in New York. This concert was dedicated to her mother, Louise, and her brother, Frank, and her late voice teacher, Ann Tell. She then did a two-day Tea featuring Jazz Vocals at Christ Church at 60th and Park Avenue. After Ann's passing she did not look for another voice teacher right away.

It took her a while to find the right vocal coach and she found that person at the IAJE at a workshop she took with the New York Voices. And she took a few classes with Kim Nazarian of the New York Voices. She then did six weeks at Miss Elle's with "An Evening of Jazz Vocals". She began writing songs, she had never thought about that, it just happened. It was at Miss Elle's where she began to produce shows every week. That was something she had never thought about doing. But God gave her the wisdom and knowledge of how to go about it. She produced 55 shows there on Thursdays, from Jazz to Cabaret, R&B, gospel, classical and folk. Most of her shows were Jazz. She had such good Jazz musicians that played for her, that had graduated from prestigious musical schools, like the Manhattan School for Music. She wanted to help find them work.

Producing shows at Miss Elle's was not about making money, it was about the love of the art. She gave the artists 80% of the door. That's when she decided to go into management and look for other venues. She was at the former West End Cafe 7 to 8 months bringing in jazz musicians and singers for Saturday brunches until music was discontinued at the West End. She also was able to book some of her musicians into The Garage. She stayed at Miss Elle's for three and a half years until Miss Elle's closed its doors January 1st, 2006.

She is very grateful to Miss Elle for opening her doors to her and letting her pursue artistic events there. She is currently working on festivals for her artists now and getting them more club work. She was an Associate Member of IAJE until it closed in 2008. She is a member of ASCAP and the International Women in Jazz. Nothing makes her happier than to see her artists performing, whether it's singing or playing jazz. She intends to go back into performing when she can find the right accompanist as good as her late accompanist, Bruce McKinnon.  He was a very good, gifted pianist.

Delores left New York in 2007, but she is back in New York now with the same dedication, desire, dreams and passion for the Arts.

These are two of Delores' original songs, lyrics and melody by Delores, vocals by Mala Waldron, to whom she is thankful for recording these two demo songs. These are just two of many songs Delores has written (which are all copyrighted).

"You Make Me Shine"

Is an inspirational song on celebrating your spiritual growth and knowing who it is that makes you shine and inspires you.


"Forget About Tonight"

Is a romantic song about reconciliation between husbands and wives or two people in a relationship, giving themselves enough time to resolve their differences.

When the IAJE existed, Delores was in their Membership Directory under the name Delores Ashford.

She feels extremely blessed.

These artists are available for club dates festivals, corporate events, political events, recitals